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Top 21 Essential Cloud Apps to Systemise Your Business


How We Help You

At C2 Solutions we work with small and medium businesses to be more systemised and successful by using technology as enabler of growth, productivity and collaboration.

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Why Systemise?

94% of problems in a Business are Systems Driven and only 6% are People Driven.

– W.Edwards Deming 1900-1993
Business Author & Lecturer

What We Can Do For You

If its worth doing, its worth doing right and we believe you are best to do it right the first time.

We are passionate about providing premium quality service and solutions.


Cloud solutions are an exploding field and we can help you find the right solution for your business and integrate them with other cloud technologies to revolutionise how you work, and train you on how to use them. Examples include finding Quoting systems that interface with finance solutions, or CRM solutions that interface with your website and smartphone.

Business Automation & Systemisation

A cloud system alone does automate your business. The marriage between business processes, procedures, training, business culture and how the technology is used plays a bit part in the success a solution has toward profitability. We consider how your business operates to find the right solution and the best way to implement it to automate your business.

Google Apps For Work Setup

Shifting to the cloud for your business email communications and file storage is one of the most powerful ways you can transform your business. This technical transition also marks a landmark shift in paradigm for business owners and staff, and is often the turning point for embracing the benefits of a new, more efficient way of working. We can help you transition your existing email platform and then understand the wealth of ways to simplify your business.

Contract and Paperwork Automation

Many businesses have paperwork and contracts that are central parts to their customer engagement cycle. Gathering the client info, creating and then storing these documents can be very time consuming, especially as volumes increase. We've developed contract automation solutions to reduce this workload and turnaround timeframes while increasing professionalism.

Finance and Bookkeeping Automation

Finance and Bookkeeping is one of the most time consuming and mandatory aspects of every business. Knowing how to automate your bookkeeping can dramatically increase the time you have to focus on driving your business. We've developed a series of finance automation solutions that systemise your receipts, reduces debtors and improves your cashflow.

Knowledgebase and Intranet Setup

The power of a knowledgebase cannot be understated! Arguably the most important aspect of enabling business growth, reducing staff overhead, and freeing you up to work ON the business, and take a holiday. C2 Solutions has developed a tried and proven knowledgebase solution using Google Sites as well as a unique methodology that you can follow to systemise your business.



We love finding and creating solutions for our clients that improves the way they work and increases their value.
Here is some of our work.


We love finding and creating solutions for our clients
as well as great websites that are a central part of improving the way they do business.
Here is some of our work.

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